How to solve the problem and not get confused?

Sometimes, looking back, we realize that a simple task took a lot of time and wasted a lot of our energy. This is due to the fact that we cannot abstract from irritants and triggers, and we also need to filter the task at the input. What are you talking about, dude?

Okay, I’ll give you an example.
One day, an employee of the organization to which I provide support services calls me. I heard a lot of words about telephony malfunction. And I made a fatal mistake. Loaded with useless information, I started diagnosing the problem at the wrong end. I checked the network connections between the phone and the server, checked the telephony services on the server, and rang other phones. But I left out the most common user error. Do not disturb mode was enabled. Everything! The user sent me a photo of the device’s interface (in fact, the phone manufacturer provided for taking a screenshot – another mistake of mine) with a HUGE red DND icon!


You need to look wider, but first of all look at the human factor if you depend on other people in your scheme! If the system has been working reliably for a long time – look towards people, they fail more often.

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