About my habits

A habit is something that you once started to do and it was put into the main strategy of behavior. It doesn’t matter if you do it on purpose or accidentally. The habit integrates into you. Good habits make our tasks easier, improve our lives. Bad habits … you need many days and weeks to get rid of them.

What about my habits?

Good ones:
I wash myself every day with cold water and do not use a water heater. It’s hard and terrifying every day and it may be too early to say that this is a habit, but the feeling that follows a cold shower makes you do it again and again.

I am sober. This information requires a special post. In short: I have never felt so aware in my life. There is also a separate story about well-being and emotional background.

I’m doing street workout. After a long pause that lasted for many years, it isn’t easy. But in this case, I have already make small achievements for myself.

I don’t save money on gasoline and car service. A full tank and a working car is a freedom. Don’t neglect freedom in any way!

I still use nicotine. I use Juul and IQOS. I highly recommend not messing with this shit. Especially if you haven’t smoked regular cigarettes. I have been smoking since I was 14, now I am 30 years old – and this is a big problem for me.  I started with regular cigarettes and have not smoked them for the last few years. Never start doing this!

My speech is rich in obscene language. Working on getting rid of this.

I have poor sleep patterns. This is hard to fix given my concept of a free life. But I will definitely do something to improve it.

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